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Issuance of Corporate Bonds 2019

Tridentity BV has started multiple corporate activities around product development and innovation. For this she needs financing and she decided to acquire this by issuing corporate bonds.

Tridentity BV was founded in 2018 and is fully owned by De Graaff Telecom Holding BV which is the Personal Holding company of John de Graaff. Tridentity BV has set a goal of product development and innovations in the field of IT and Digital Security and Privacy.

Tridentity BV currently has 3 major activities for which she needs financing.

  1. IPAM
    Tridentity BV develops an innovative Identity & Privacy Management (IPAM) solution, for which she also receives subsidies (WBSO) from the national government. From this activity, the company name was defined.
    With this solution, we want to address the problem of when you share your name or other personal details, then the receiver could use or misuse that information for other purposes (like marketing).
  2. RMV
    Tridentity BV develops an innovative solution for Management and Monitoring of IT Infrastructure components. John has more than 20 years of experience in the design and management of company IT networks and as an architect and founder/director of a business Internet Service Provider (TWS Networks). John is also an inventor and holds an international patent (
    The RMV solves the problem that it is quite hard to manage and monitor a corporate IT network or other important IT Infrastructure in an effective and cost-efficient manner. Other solutions are software-based and rely on something (hardware) of which the software has direct control, which makes the entire solution less reliable.
  3. BuzyCard App
    Tridentity BV develops an innovative App (application for phone/tablet) which allows the digital exchange of business cards and contact information (Business Cards => “Buzy Cards”) via a platform which can guarantee privacy and integrity.
    This app solves multiple problems: today business cards are shared in paper form and usually end up in someone's desk drawer, and it is quite hard te reliably update your telephone number or email address and tell everybody about it, and there is the case when people might want to link and share some information but are not keen to share their personal mobile phone number.

At the moment most of the available time is spent for developing the BuzyCard App, because I can execute these activities on my own, with minimal external cost and the revenues are expected to be sufficient to cover my base income.

Please note that I only wanted to give a brief overview here. When someone is interested, then I can send a proper Business Plan or I can come by and present this in person.

About the choice to issue Corporate Bonds

Tridentity BV has a financing requirement of ​80.000 euro​ for a ​1 year​ period.

As in the near past, several smaller loans were acquired via banks and CrowdFunding platforms, we deem it difficult now to acquire this new finance the same way (even though part of this new finance is to be used to repay some of these other loans).

Another possibility could be to present to “Informal Investors” or “Venture Capital platforms”, but these parties are geared for growth finance and not for startup finance and unfortunately Tridentity BV cannot yet show the required numbers for revenue and profits.

For this reason, I am presenting this new finance project to w​ealthy entrepreneurs​ or wealthy families​ who might dare to support this “innovative adventurous entrepreneur” and his visions, for one reason that they themselves started small and at some point required a helping hand.

Note that I am prepared to give a sizeable interest rate (20%) and that is because I am convinced that with my activities I will have enormous financial success and repaying this obligation will not be an issue at all.

Officially corporate bonds are tradeable paper carrying their own value or price. For this a platform or exchange is required, but at the moment this only exists for companies in the growth phase (not in the Startup phase) and only for a financing requirement of 200k or more. So these corporate bonds are not tradeable and these are really a form of “informal loan”, but they do have a fixed duration and carry a fixed coupon interest.

Conditions of the Corporate Bonds

Corporate Bonds are defined as follows:

  • 10.000 euro per coupon (per bond)
  • issuance of 8 coupons (possibly all acquired by the same party)
  • duration of 1 year
  • coupon interest of 20%
  • repay happens for the nominal value + coupon interest at the same time
    (no periodic payments)

About the Purchase Agreement

When one or more parties have shown interest to acquire these Corporate Bonds (please contact me on or cell phone 06-5317-8007), I will start to draft the Purchase Agreement of said Corporate Bonds. I will then present this document and possibly adjust it to the wishes and requirements of the buyer, within limits. When the Purchase Agreement is finished, we will sign this and the payments can happen. This Purchase Agreement will be strictly private (there will be no notary or public registration).

About the Risk Profile

To any loan, there is obviously some level of risk attached. I would like to be very clear and open about this topic, by showing that I know what I am doing and that I have a very clear vision on technology and product development and innovation and that I am very capable of making these visions a reality.

The risk attached to this loan is the possible outcome in which my visions were incorrect or unsuccessful or that I would not be capable of making it all a reality and make money.
This will not happen and please let me tell you why: Ever since my formal education at the Delft University of Technology and later in my career as a Technical Sales Consultant and International Trainer and Freelance Engineer and founder /director of an ISP company, I have had many great ideas and visions “how to do it better”, which technologies or methods could do a better job in a certain field or application.

This requires a substantial level of abstract thinking and deep and profound knowledge of nature and existing technologies, plus a profound understanding “why” the original inventor of a certain technology has at that time made the design choices that he/she made. Only if the entire field is understood and only with the great creative power of free thinking, can this invention be made, or is this new technology created, which is possibly better than the original one.

I dare say that I have an extraordinary level of abstract and creative thinking. I do not say that to brag, but simply because I can show these required qualities. I also want to express clearly that my goal in life is to use these capacities that I have to make the world a better place using technological innovations (my goal is not to just make a lot of money, although this by-product is required to some level to reach my goals).


Finally, I want to show what securities I can offer:
In the case that I cannot repay this Corporate Bonds, I am prepared to formally assign the excess value in my home house (address: Het Labyrinth 21 te Amersfoort, residual debt 302.500 euro, current market value 360.000 euro). Upon request, I can cooperate to draft a contract or pledge to accomplish this.

When some party wants to acquire these Corporate Bonds but only up to the value of the offered security (60.000 euro), then I will still accept this offer gladly, which allows my to continue my path as innovation/venture entrepreneur.